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Love Your HydraFacial but Hate The Cost for Your Serums?

Does 16oz Bottles for $35.00 
Get Your Attention?

Ageless Serums were developed as an affordable to the HydraFacial™ and Silk peel serums.

BUY 6 of the same serum and
GET 1 FREE: Compared to HydraFacial (Activ-4) 16 oz. would cost $112.

So that’s like getting $112 of serum for free.  

AGELESS SERUMS  Buy 6 | Get 1 Free

Serums are manufactured, packaged and tested in accordance to Good manufacturing Practices as outlined in the Code of Federal Regulations.  
The facility is registered with the United States Food and Drug Administration.

• The cost of 1 oz. of Ageless Serums is $2.18 versus $6.45 (average) for HydraFacial...a significant savings.

• 2-bottles of Antiox-6 (16 oz.) is $120 versus 1 -16 oz. bottle Ageless Antiox for $35.00

• Ageless Serums are 16 oz. versus 8 oz. with HydraFacial...requiring less frequent ordering

*Ageless Serums Base ingredient is Pure Aqua, which is a purified injectable grade water that has passed an extensive purification processes to remove all contaminants. Tap water contains small bacteria, chlorine, algae, colloids and even fecal matter. Distilled has no minerals, purified water (HydraFacial) is graded 4 steps below pharmaceutical water. Pharmaceutical (injectable) grade water is regulated by the U. S. Pharmacopeia Standards and is graded USP.

 *Ageless Serums ingredients are listed and of course are all water based, making them safe to use with the Silk Peel and HydraFacial machines.

 *Use of Ageless Serums will not violate any existing warranties of HydraFacial etc., as it is illegal to tie in sales provisions to a warranty. See Federal Statute: Magnunson-Moss Warranty Act.

Serving South Florida Area

With Kristy Cocozza licensed Medical Electrologist
and Paramedical Aesthetician (954) 790-8110

Phone: +1 (954) 790-8110

Thanks for contacting me. I'll respond to your message as soon as possible. I can be reached at 954-790-8110.